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Oral Surgery

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About Oral Surgery Services

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Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is a dental health procedure performed to treat defects, diseases, or injuries of the hard and soft tissues of the gums, teeth, and jaws. There are different types of oral surgeries, such as tooth extraction, root canal, jaw repositioning, and tumor removal.

One of the most common conditions that needs oral surgery is impacted teeth.

Aside from people who have impacted teeth, people who are candidates for dental implants also need oral surgery. Implants are artificial tooth roots that need to surgically placed in the jawbone in order to stabilize the artificial teeth that will be attached to them.

What is Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is a relatively fast outpatient procedure performed by a dentist or oral surgeon. People get a tooth removed either because of crowding, tooth infection, or excessive tooth decay. The procedure is done with either local, general, intravenous anesthesia, or a combination.  During the procedure, our caring team ensures that you are comfortable and put you at ease. Some of the instances where you may require tooth extraction include:

Cracked Tooth at or Below the Gum line

Sometimes, your tooth may crack right below or at the gum line. You may even feel the sharp edge as you move the tongue inside the mouth. When you visit our dental office, we perform a visual inspection with special lights and tools to see what we're dealing with and decide on a course of action. For such cases, tooth extraction is recommended, especially if the damage stretches out below the gum line.

Symptomatic Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the four third molars that usually emerge last on the dental arch of an adult. For most people, they don't cause problems and emerge without compromising the adjacent teeth. However, they can emerge at an angle that exerts pressure on the adjacent teeth and tissues and cause tooth pain, jaw pain, or headache. They may also be difficult for you to clean, and in such cases, extraction necessary.

Unsuccessful Root Canals

Although root canal treatment is safe, effective, and has a high success rate, it can be unsuccessful in a few cases like any other medical procedure. The common causes of the failure include tooth fracture, loose crown, or new decay. Unsuccessful tooth canals may lead to pain, swelling, or even discharge. If you develop any of these signs, you should reach out to your dentist, who will determine if extraction is necessary.

Preparation for Orthodontic Procedures

Many people are usually nervous about any oral surgery. However, you need not worry. We have years of experience in carrying out gentle and comfortable tooth removal procedures.

With oral conscious sedation, the procedure is made painless. We also encourage our patients to talk to us about any concerns or questions.

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