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Dental Health

Dental Cleaning & Prevention

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Meet Dr. Nick Nguyen (WIN), D.D.S

Hoschton's Gentle Dentist!

Dr. Nick and his dental team are passionate about incorporating new technologies and knowledge into his practice to provide his patients with the highest quality dental care. As his patient, you can expect a gentle and caring dental experience.

To ensure that that he provides the best quality care, Dr. Nguyen takes more than 100 hours of continuing education each year. He has received extensive training in restorative full mouth reconstruction, dental implant, crown and bridge and many more.


He welcomes the opportunity to earn your trust and want to give you a brighter and healthier smile.

About Dental Cleaning & Prevention

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The best way to keep high dental health standards and protect your smile today is by focusing on preventive dentistry. This includes your normal oral hygiene routine at home and dental appointments with your team for regular cleaning and checkup.

Brushing twice a day and flossing at least once a day is the most basic home dental hygiene routine everyone should adopt. However, there exist numerous tools and products that make oral care much easier and give great results. Depending on your needs, certain toothpaste, rinses, and flossing aids can help you get better results.

We can help tailor solutions best suited to you and find the best tools that enhance your daily hygiene routine right here in Hoschton, GA.

The best way to keep high dental health standards and protect your smile today is by focusing on preventive dentistry. This includes your normal oral hygiene routine at home and dental appointments with your team for regular cleaning and checkup.

Benefits of Preventative Dental Care

Did you know that gum disease impacts about 67 million Americans? All of your daily brushing and flossing habits along with regular dental hygiene visits will help to keep gingivitis and periodontitis at bay. But what are these diseases and how can you keep your gums happy and healthy? We're glad you asked!Gingivitis is caused by bacteria-filled plaque on your gum line. This is often painless, so many people go untreated, which can turn a little plaque into full-blown gum disease. Periodontis, if it goes untreated, can lead to damaged soft tissue, destroyed bones in your jaw, and even tooth loss.

Preventative dentistry not only helps to maintain oral health by helping to prevent the formation of cavities and gum disease, but it also helps to maintain your financial health as well. By having regular checkups and dental cleanings, problems can be identified in their early stages and there progression to more costly, time consuming, and invasive procedures can be prevented.

We can help tailor solutions best suited to you and find the best tools that enhance your daily hygiene routine.  

Your diet also has a significant impact on your oral health. A balanced diet strengthens and maintains your teeth and gums' health, while acidic foods and drinks can lead to deterioration and erosion of the enamel.

Food that is Good for your Teeth

Diet plays an important role in either the development or prevention of tooth decay and some healthy food choices for teeth include:

  • Fiber-rich fruits and vegetables: fibrous foods help to mechanically scrub the teeth while also stimulating salivary flow. These actions help to remove food particles from the mouth which would otherwise remain stuck to teeth and be converted by bacteria into harmful acids. Additionally, saliva also contains traces of calcium and phosphate, and can therefore help to restore minerals that may have been lost because of these acids.

  • Calcium-rich foods: foods such as yogurt, milk and cheese are beneficial because they stimulate salivary flow and contain calcium and phosphates that help strengthen enamel and put back minerals your teeth might have lost.

  • Nuts: nuts such as almonds and peanuts are a good source of protein, calcium and phosphorous, which all strengthen tooth enamel.

By avoiding sweet, sticky, and acidic foods and beverages (as best as possible) that can cause cavities and tooth erosion, your risk of developing cavities can be significantly reduced.

If you're consistent with your home care, eat a balanced diet, and schedule regular dental exams and cleanings with us, we can work together to ensure that no minor problem worsens to necessitate a major procedure.

Oral Cancer Screening

While you are in our office, we will do a screening for any possible oral cancers. While this is just a precaution, we want to make sure your teeth are clean and your mouth is free of infections, sores, spots you might be worried about, or spots you might not even know are there.

If you are a tobacco user or consume high amounts of alcohol, you are at a higher risk of oral cancers. HPV could also be a cause of oral cancer. And even if you are not at a higher risk because of the things above, we are happily checking our patients for any things that could be or lead to cancer.

We don't want you to worry about oral cancer but do want to empower you to continue to take control of your oral health so you can live your best and healthiest life.In every one of your clinical examinations, our team reviews your medical history and updates any changes. We carry out a preliminary examination of the mouth's soft tissues. Detecting oral cancer in its early stage increases the chances of recovery from cancer treatment.

Benefits of Oral Cancer Screening

The goal of oral cancer screening is to detect cancerous or precancerous lesions at an early stage so that interventions can be made to prevent progression. Early detection significantly increases the chance of treatment success and about 84% of oral cancers are diagnosed by dental health professionals.

In addition to being potentially lifesaving, oral cancer screening is quick and easy, often forming part of the regular dental examination. During the screening, Dr. Nick will do a physical examination on your face, neck, mouth, and jaw, looking and feeling for any lumps or other abnormalities including discoloration or sores. If there is something suspicious, a sample will be sent to a lab for testing.


Teeth Cleaning

That polished feel after cleaning is so refreshing. Our team goes beyond polishing your teeth to eliminate plaque, tartar accumulation and examine your gums to check for signs of periodontal disease and more.

About a Professional Dental Cleaning

Professional cleanings are typically scheduled twice a year and involve the use of an ultrasonic device and a hand scaler (the ‘scraper’) to remove plaque and calculus (hardened plaque) around the gumline, between the teeth and slightly under the gumline. After all plaque and calculus has been removed, the teeth are flossed and polished with a special electric toothbrush and a gritty type of toothpaste leaving you feeling like a brand-new person. Shiny teeth and all. Be sure to get your dental cleaning done by the best dentists in Hoschton, Georgia.

Home Care

As earlier stated, dental care does not end at your dentist's office; you also need to be actively involved in your oral hygiene between appointments. We can work together to develop an individual plan for your home care dental routine.  

With a healthy partnership between our team and you, you can easily avoid serious dental problems such as tooth decay and gum diseases and always keep a smile on your face. Schedule an appointment with us and allows us to take care of your dental health and smile.  


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