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dentist auburn ga

Looking for a Dentist in Jefferson, GA

dentist auburn ga

Benefits of a Great General Dentist

For many adults, going to the dentist remains a dreaded activity. Sometimes, this apprehension causes people to put off essential care longer than necessary, leading to more significant problems.


We know that finding a great general dentist is not an easy task. That’s why at Traditions Dental, we strive daily to give you the very best dental care in an atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Dr. Nick Nguyen (just call him Dr. Nick) knows that his patients seek a trusted advisor for their ongoing dental care—it’s what he would want for himself and his own family. Because of that, he’s ready to provide you with the latest cutting-edge dental technology without sacrificing personal and compassionate service. He wants you to feel good about dental work, and his experience and ongoing education only further help his patients feel well taken care of and assured of the quality of their dental care. 

Why Developing a Good Relationship with your Dentist Matters

dentist auburn ga

Many of us have experienced the cold and unwelcoming feeling of getting dental work completed at a large practice or franchise dental office. These practices can often feel impersonal and as though the patient is just another “number” to get through that day. 


At Traditions Dental, we treat all our patients like they are friends and give them the personalized service they deserve. Dr. Nick not only wants to be your dentist, but he also wants to get to know you as a person. Why? Because he knows that when you have a good relationship with your dentist, you’ll trust that he has your best interest at heart with any recommendations or feedback.

Knowing that you’re not just a “number” when you walk through the door really matters as it relates to your overall dental experience. If you feel valued and understood, you won’t hesitate to commit to a regular dental service routine or talk to us if you experience any problems with your teeth.

Gentle, Conservative & Compassionate Dentistry at our office

In addition to personalized service and cutting-edge care, we pride ourselves on providing gentle, conservative, and compassionate dentistry.


So, what does that mean? Gentle means that we understand that many patients fear pain when going to the dentist. Therefore, we strive always to minimize any discomfort and work as carefully as possible when providing dental care, whether performing a routine cleaning or cavity filling.

Conservative means that you can trust us only to recommend care or procedures that you truly need and that you will fully understand why you need them. We will never recommend extra or unnecessary services just to “upsell” you, and we will never pressure you into a procedure that you don’t fully understand or feel comfortable completing.

Compassionate means we listen to our patients, fully understand their concerns and take it all to heart while providing care. We want you to feel comfortable and understood while you’re in our chair.


Importance of Routine Dental Care

Routine dental care is something that you can overlook if you don’t make it a priority, as it’s easy to put off going to the dentist until you have a problem. However, routine dental care can actually help prevent future problems that may require more work or cost more money.


By identifying potential problems early on, we can work with you to find solutions to prevent them from progressing or eliminate them before they become bigger issues. Dr. Nick always recommends ways you can better care for your teeth. His wish is that he only does have to see you twice a year during your regular preventative maintenance visits! 

Our Services Offered

In addition to cleaning, preventative maintenance, and general dentistry, Dr. Nick provides you with everything else you need related to your oral well-being. We know that having one trusted advisor for all your dental work makes getting the care you need easier.


For this reason, you’ll also find the following additional services at our office:


  • Emergency Care

  • Dental Implants

  • Oral Surgery

  • Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Clear Aligners


If you’re currently looking for a dentist in the Jefferson, GA, area, we hope that you’ll give Traditions Dental a try. Call us at 706-658-2383 or contact us online to schedule your next appointment.


Our Address

55 Freedom Pkwy #104, Hoschton, GA 30548 \\ Tel: 706-658-2383 

Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday  8AM – 5PM


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