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Clear Aligners

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About Clear Aligners

Your Guide to Clear Aligners

Your Guide to Clear Aligners

Everyone wants a beautiful smile but not everyone wants a mouth full of metal to get it.  Developed in the mid-‘90s, Clear Aligners changed the face of Orthodontics forever. Clear Aligners use a series of virtually invisible, custom-built, removable trays that are perfectly adapted over teeth to gently apply force and achieve tooth movement. Clear Aligners can be used to treat a variety of aesthetic problems such as mild to moderate crowding, spacing, overbites, underbites, diastemas, and other orthodontic problems, usually within a shorter time frame than traditional braces.

At Traditions Dental, we prefer SureSmile Clear Aligners. We like SureSmile aligners because they can straighten your teeth quicker than Invisalign. We have also found that SureSmile aligners are more comfortable and less painful because they do not need many adjustments. SureSmile also reduces the time it takes to achieve a properly straightened smile.

  • SureSmile® Clear Aligners use advanced technology and proven materials to provide a customized, comfortable fit from the first aligner to the last.

  • SureSmile® Aligners promote better oral hygiene and you'll enjoy: straighter teeth and a confident, beautiful smile.

What is a Clear Aligner?

According to "Clear Aligners are a series of plastic aligners created using initial  impressions or digital scans of your teeth as the starting point.  The  aligners are plastic replicas of your teeth. Wearing them puts gentle  pressure on the teeth, ever-so-slightly repositioning them over time.  Each set of aligners is worn for a week or two before going to the next  set. Over time, teeth reach their ideal clinical alignment." So, in a nutshell, clear plastic trays that give you a straight smile!

Did you know that the advantages of Clear Aligners go far beyond just a beautiful smile? Let's review below.

Misaligned teeth and improper bites can sometimes lead to:

  • Tooth damage and chipping

  • Tooth loss

  • Wearing away of tooth enamel

  • Difficulty chewing or speaking

Benefits of straightening your teeth may include:

  • Reduced risk of cavities

  • Help prevent gum disease

  • Improve confidence

  • And of course, improve your smile

How Does SureSmile Work?

SureSmile creates a 3D computer model of your bite by using advanced imaging technology to scan your teeth. The 3D image is captured with the OraScanner® or Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT). This scan procedure is the beginning of your SureSmile treatment.

A Deeper Dive: Medical benefits of Clear Aligners

The misalignment of teeth can create problems that are not only cosmetic but medical as well. By using Clear Aligners to straighten your teeth, you can get some of the benefits outlined below:

Cavity-free teeth: teeth that are crowded or crooked are more difficult to keep clean. Traditional metal braces can also make oral hygiene more difficult and increases food trapping and plaque accumulation. Clear Aligners can be easily removed to facilitate routine oral hygiene (brushing and flossing) thus decreasing the risk of cavities and gum disease.

Less restrictive eating: with metal braces, certain foods are prohibited to avoid breaking brackets such as raw vegetables. The avoidance of certain foods can have negative impacts on health. With Clear Aligners, patients are less restricted and able to eat more of the foods they love.

Improved digestion: when teeth are properly aligned, you can bite and chew food comfortably and efficiently. With straightened teeth, you will be able to eat a variety of foods and fully chew them for improved digestion.

Improved speech: your teeth significantly impact the way you talk. Spacing and crowding of teeth can cause difficulty when pronouncing certain sounds and cause speech problems (such as lisps) to develop. By using Clear Aligners to straighten your teeth, you will be able to speak clearly, and your confidence will skyrocket.

Eases neck and jaw pain: teeth that are misaligned can put increased stress on the temporomandibular joints (TMJ) and chewing muscles. This can lead to TMJ pain, neck pain, earaches, and even shoulder pain. Using Invisalign to straighten your teeth can balance your bite and reduce the stress on your TMJ and the surrounding muscles, thus preventing discomfort.

Reduced risk of injury: in cases where teeth stick out (especially front teeth in the upper arch), there is an increased risk of trauma. These teeth can be easily chipped or fractured or even completely knocked out. Correcting the alignment of these teeth will make them less likely to sustain trauma.

Increased confidence: feeling self-conscious about your teeth can make you less inclined to smile and talk, which can rob you of so many opportunities. Some people still feel this way with metal braces because they do not like how they look. By using Clear Aligners to straighten your teeth, you can give yourself a huge confidence boost and improve the way you feel, your career, and even your relationships during the process and after!

What is the Average Cost of SureSmile?

We know clients want to know what things cost. It is true that every case is different but the average cost is generally between $3000-$4000 and largely depends on severity.

If live in and around Hoschton, Georgia, and are interested in getting Clear Aligners, book your consultation with Traditions Dental today. Your smile will thank you!

If you have any additional questions about your oral hygiene, please feel free to contact us at Traditions Dental. To learn more about Traditions Dental visit our About Us page. For more tips and information feel free to follow us on social media on IG @traditionsdental and Facebook @traditionsdental.


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